Green Energy Tomorrow

What brings tomorrow?

Who We Are

Green Energy Tomorrow provides a holistic and integrated solution for the deployment of Distributed Solar Energy in the Middle East and Africa.

Wholly-owned by Dubai-based international solar firm Phanes Group, Green Energy Tomorrow brings a unique expertise across the value chain to deliver solar solutions that are both economically viable and socially sustainable. 


Combining solar expertise across the value chain



Phanes Group is an international solar energy developer, investment manager and asset manager strategically headquartered in Dubai, UAE. 


Green Energy Tomorrow


Founded in 2005, Neo Solar Power Corporation is a leading manufacturer in producing high performance and high quality PV cells and modules.

Green Energy Tomorrow


General Energy Solutions (GES) is a company based in Hukou, Taiwan that specializes in renewable energy.  GES is a subsidiary of NSP (Neo Solar Power Corp.), the leading solar cell manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 2GW cell shipment annually.

Green Energy Tomorrow
What we do

What We Do

Green Energy Tomorrow allows businesses and organizations to take advantage of natural sun resources to generate energy – allowing them savings on their electricity bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

We provide turnkey solar systems at no upfront cost, taking care of all aspects of owning, maintaining, and optimizing the systems for maximum benefit.

How it works

Through government Net-Metering Programs (e.g. ‘Shams Dubai’), we offer a ‘Solar Leasing’ model, where we assume all up-front capital costs and associated risks of installing and constructing the solar system.  Our clients pay for the energy generated by the system, at a cost that represents significant savings.  Any generated energy that is not used is contributed to the public grid, earning you credit towards your next electricity bill.



  • Reduced energy bills from Day One, after system set-up and meter installation
  • Environmental benefits, through reduction in negative carbon emissions
  • Protection from future rising electricity costs

Getting Started

1.First we have a preliminary discussion with the client on how the client's organization may potentially benefit from solar PV systems.  Our experienced engineers will conduct a detailed assessment to determine feasibility and potential savings.

2.We will take care of all aspects of system design and implementation, providing an installation plan, and keeping our clients updated every step of the way.  

3.Savings start immediately after installation.  Once complete, we will take care of the operations and maintenance of the system.  The client benefits from the electricity generated by the system, with the extra power produced credited towards the next electricity bill.

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